Sorghum Molasses

Uncle John's Sorghum Molasses.  Available in a 15 Oz. jar, a 22 Oz. jar, a 24 Oz. bottle & a 30 Oz. Can.  

Ingredients: Cane Molasses, Sorghum & citric acid to prevent crystallization.

Customer Reviews

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Dana Mitchell
Uncle John's Molasses repeat buyer

I'm from Arkansas but live in California and we don't have real sorghum molasses in the stores out here. My friends didn't even know what it tastes like until I shared some Uncle John's. Now they are all hooked. Thank goodness the Jefferson Store has it in stock at a fair price and can ship anywhere.

Bonnie Woodland
My Husband’s favorite

This was a much loved purchase. My husband found this on a trip to Mississippi in 2019. He loves it on everything. I’m so happy to have you carry this. My order of 4 bottles apparently had a broken one in transit. Post office sent it back to you and you quickly repackaged a new box and sent it out. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas to all of you and a prosperous New Year.

Leah Justus
Best sorghum!

We love this sorghum. It’s a special treat when we can find it.